We wish publicly to announce our intention of publishing a new musicological e-journal, Acta Musicologica.cz, directed to a musicological and musical readership. In its content it will aim to present scholarly studies and articles, research announcements and reviews, as well as contributions to ongoing discussions. The editors welcome manuscripts or electronic files in Czech, English and German. The journal will appear quarterly in electronic form on the musicologica.cz web pages of the Institute of Musicology in the Arts Faculty of the Masaryk University, Brno. Our aims are to facilitate the exchange of information in our discipline and to provide a platform for discussions of a variety of musicological themes.

Any potential contributors interested in publishing material in this journal should send their contributions to the address L.Spurny@seznam.cz. Any suggestions or comments concerning the future shape of the journal will also be welcomed at the same e-mail address.

The Editors